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Dental Anxiety Can Be eliminated with A Few Tips

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Many people feel shivers go down their spine at the mention of a dental treatment. When asked what causes the anxiety, they usually list a whole host of things. For instance, some may worry about the drill or different instruments used by the dentist and some may have a fear of injections. Some have had a bad experience in the past or have had bad incidents narrated to them by a friend or relative. Regardless of the cause of anxiety, the outcome is the same –the patient’s anxiety makes it impossible for dentists to administer their treatment. So, how can a dentist and patient overcome this situation? One way is to modify the treatment plan to suit the needs of the patient. The following are some useful tips.

Trust Your Dentist/Patient

gagagaBuilding and sharing a good rapport with your patient/dentist is extremely critical. Bear in mind that a good rapport should be your primary objective, even before you decide on the treatment. A dentist should always listen and address the fears of their patients very genuinely. Patients should give their dentist this chance and believe that the dentist is seriously concerned about their well-being.

Reflect on Your Own Fear

dentist-womanOnce you share a good rapport with your dentist, believe that he will administer the safest and most effective treatment available for your ailment. Simultaneously, try to understand what scares you. It may be a specific tool or equipment or simply the pain that’s caused during the treatment. Once you’ve figured out the cause of your anxiety, bring it to the attention of your dentist. Ask about all the alternatives available and keep in mind that most of your fear is due to anticipation rather than an actual poor experience.

Try To Calm Yourself Down

22When you actually sit down on the dentist’s chair, try to calm yourself down. How can you do this? Try engaging in some breathing exercises including breathing into your mouth for five seconds and out your nose for another five. Another effective technique is to close your eyes and think about something that calms you down – go to the happy place. Listening to music is a very good way to ensure a lasting calm. Finally, keep in mind that thousands of people go through the same treatment each day or week and they come out the other side perfectly fine.

Talk to Your Dentist

Interacting with your dentist and the clinic staff is another way of dealing with dental anxiety. You could discuss a range of subjects like the weather, politics, sports, literature and so on with them. There is no dearth of topics. You can also express your fear; most dentists and assistants are very understanding about your trepidations and will have ways to calm you down.

You may use one of the above mentioned techniques or develop something of your own. Your fears should never keep you from receiving professional dental care. Keep in mind, your dentist can help you find a way to deal with whatever is bothering you, thus ensuring that your treatment doesn’t suffer